Mentorship Resources


Graduate Studies: The 5 Ws in 5 Minutes

Graduate Studies: The 5 Ws in “5” Minutes was originally given at the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Graduate School Recruiting Event at the University of Toronto.
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Managing Your Career as a PhD

Managing Your Career as a PhD  is a presentation originally given at TU Delft as part of their PromooD Career event and has been updated and presented at different venues since.
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Navigating for a Successful Career

Navigating for a Successful Career is a talk that was first presented to undergraduate and graduate students as an invited talk at Texas A&M University for their International Career Day.
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Guidelines for Writing an Effective Thesis Proposal

Guidelines for Writing an Effective Thesis Proposal is primarily meant for graduate students, but can also apply to undergraduate researchers whose report is typically more focused.

A thesis proposal is an essential element in the development of a masters or doctoral thesis. Depending on the department or group, a proposal may be mandatory or optional (it is almost always mandatory at the doctoral level, but at times optional at the masters).
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Publishing Your Research

Publishing Your Research is a presentation for undergraduate and graduate STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) researchers, but can also benefit individuals from other disciplines. It details why publishing is important in STEM, the overall process of going from problem formulation to a finished paper and also provides writing tips.
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Research Methods

Research Methods is a short presentation for undergraduate research students and beginning graduate students describing the research cycle and how to begin working on a research topic.
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Courses and Teaching

Teaching Assistant Information Guide

A key element of being a good TA is to build positive relationships with the instructor, students and other TAs. You are an essential part of the course staff and your performance will affect not just how much the students enjoy the class, but the experience of the instructor and other TAs. This guide that I put together provides tips on being an effective teaching assistant in a variety of contexts such as leading recitations and tutorials, performing grading duties, invigilating tests and exams as well as conducting labs.
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Study Suggestions and Advice

Early on in my career as a professor, I developed study suggestions and advice for engineering students who feel overwhelmed by their coursework. People often feel demoralized from by their educational experience. This is, in part, due to negative classroom experiences or “difficult” courses. In my experience, I can say that the more positive one’s outlook often the better their experience (since our attitude has a direct affect our experiences). I have some tips for students who find a course is difficult and don’t know what to do.
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