Awards and Recognitions

Best abstract award at AIMed Global Summit (2022) for work entitled “Noninvasive Prediction of Relapse in Major Depressive Disorder in Youth” by Lucasius, Strauss, Battaglia, Szatmari and Kundur.

Senior Fellow, Massey College (2019) elected from prominent representatives of both academic and professional interests at the University of Toronto to participate in Massey College activities.

Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (2016) for conducting path-breaking engineering research at the interface of information processing and cyber security, creating key technologies for security of digital media and “smart” infrastructure.

Best paper award at the IEEE Smart Grid Communications Conference (2015) for paper entitled “A Systematic Approach to Delay-Adaptive Control Design for Smart Grids” by Farraj, Hammad and Kundur.

Best paper award at the IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference (2015) for paper entitled “An Evolutionary Game Approach to Predict Demand Response From Real-Time Pricing” by Lee and Kundur.

Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Class of 2015.

Best poster award at the Institute of Sustainable Energy Research Symposium (2014) for poster entitled “Off-Grid Cooperative Microgrid Networks with High Renewable Penetration” by Hammad, Farraj and Kundur.

Best poster award (2nd place) at ONCWIC (2014) for poster entitled “Power Dispatch in Distributed Generation Systems via Bifurcation Control” by Srikantha and Kundur.

Paper recognition as “one of the Best papers submitted to the 2013 Power & Energy Society General Meeting” (2013) for work entitled “Impact of Cyber Attacks on Transient Stability of Smart Grids with Voltage Support Devices” by Chen, Mashayekh, Butler-Purry and Kundur.

Best student paper award finalist at the 25th IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical & Computer Engineering (2012) for paper entitled “On the Use of Cyber-Physical Hierarchy for Smart Grid Security and Efficient Control” by Wei, Kundur and Zourntos.

Best paper award at the 7th Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research Workshop (2011) for paper entitled “A Class of Cyber-Physical Switching Attacks for Power System Disruption” by Liu, Feng, Kundur, Zourntos and Butler-Purry.

Best paper award finalist at the IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on Mission Critical Networks (2008) for paper entitled “A Secure Integrated Routing and Localization Scheme for Broadband Mission Critical Networks” by Okorafor and Kundur.

Outstanding Professor Award (2007), ECE Department, Texas A&M University.

Association of Former Students College Level Teaching Award (2006), Dwight Look College of Engineering, Texas A&M University.

Tenneco Meritorious Teaching Award (2005), Dwight Look College of Engineering, Texas A&M University.

Best Electrical Engineering Professor Award (2002), ECE Club, University of Toronto.

Gordon Slemon Teaching of Design Award (2002), ECE Department, University of Toronto.

Infrastructure Award (2001) awarded by Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and Ontario Innovation Trust (OIT).

University of Toronto Fellowship (1997-1998), University of Toronto.

NSERC PGS B Scholarship (1995-1997), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

NSERC PGS A Scholarship (1993-1995), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

Edward S. “Ted” Rogers Fellowship (1993), Communications Group, ECE Department, University of Toronto.

Governor General’s Academic Medals Program Certificate (1993) for exceptional academic performance in a undergraduate degree program in Canada.

SCIEX Industrial Scholarship (1993), SCIEX, Inc., in recognition of excellence in instrumentation design.

F.C.C.P. – John Hin Chung Tsang Memorial Scholarship (1993) for graduating from Electrical Engineering undergraduate program with the highest standing in telecommunications courses at the University of Toronto.

J. E. Reid Memorial Prize (1993) for achieving the highest aggregate percentage in the Fourth Year subjects pertaining to electronic communication at the University of Toronto.

Andrew Alexander Kinghorn Scholarship (1990) for achieving the highest average for all undergraduate Engineering programs at the University of Toronto.

Canada Scholarship (1989-1993) awarded by the Department of Industry, Science, and Technology, Government of Canada, for academic excellence.

J. W. Billes Open Entrance Scholarship (1989-1993) awarded by the University of Toronto for academic excellence.