Real-Time Digital Signal Processing

Real-Time DSPThese resources introduce real-time digital signal processing (DSP) applications, algorithms and hardware. They aim to bridge the mathematics introduced in an undergraduate DSP course with practical implementation issues. The interaction between hardware and software are studied in the context of the TMS320DM6437 (DaVinci Video Processor) using MATLAB/Simulink. Case studies involving real-time filter design and the implementation of common real-time audio, image and video processing algorithms are explored.


Learning Outcomes and Objectives

The notes, assignments and labs/demos on this page are developed, in part, for a course with the following learning outcomes and objectives.

It is the intent that students will:

  1. Be able to identify the basic architectural elements of DSP hardware;
  2. Understand common real-time DSP algorithms for filtering and multimedia processing applications;
  3. Be able to program DSP hardware to perform signal, image and video processing tasks using MATLAB/Simulink;
  4. Gain an appreciation for the trade-offs necessary in algorithm design for real-time DSP implementation;
  5. Be able to overcome technical obstacles through ingenuity and resourcefulness; and
  6. Acquire an appreciation of the importance of real-time DSP for a broad class of engineering applications.


Topics and Notes

Note: course notes are copyright Deepa Kundur.


Review Problems


Hardware Implementation Resources

Credits: These labs and demos were tested and modified over the years with the help and support of

…the Mathworks team (Todd Atkins, Sandeep Hiremath), my TAs over the years (Shan Liu, Lin Lai, Chris Byers, Julien Jainsky, William Luh), course students who went the extra mile (especially Diwakar Panchamgam) and various undergraduate researchers (including David Rolando, Irfan Jafri, Jonathan Kellerman, Adam Hollock, Noraica Davila, Gilbert Rodriguez, Mark Ivey).


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